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BGA gen yon patenarya ki deja egziste ak Brighton High School pou atletik ki pral kontinye pou ane lekòl 2022-2023 la. Patenarya sa a vle di ke elèv BGA yo pral gen opòtinite pou yo patisipe nan ekip atletik yo ofri nan Brighton High School. Patenarya sa a pèmèt elèv-atlèt nou yo ki nan klas 7yèm-12yèm ane yo patisipe nan yon pakèt opòtinite atletik san yo pa pèdi tan enpòtan nan klas yo.

Students who would like to participate in sports teams must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

Consent/Medical Forms to be Completed


Academic Requirements

Students must earn a 2.0* (or above) weighted GPA for the marking period prior to the athletic season and maintain the 2.0 (or above) weighted GPA throughout the participating athletic season. For fall sports, eligibility shall be determined using final grades from the previous year.

**If a student-athlete does not meet the Boston Green Academy minimum 2.0 weighted GPA, but otherwise satisfies the BPS/MIAA requirements and the student-athlete has a significant mitigating reason(s) for his/her/their failure to attain a 2.0 weighted GPA , the Head of School may consider allowing that student-athlete to participate on a probationary basis. A Request for Athletic Participation on a Probationary Basis form must be completed (with all necessary signatures) and submitted to the Head of School. A meeting between the student-athlete, the parent/guardian, the coach and the headmaster may be required; and a success-plan will be formulated.

Soccer Team
Volleyball Teams
Football Team

Click on the links below for information specific to each team.

For the Fall Sports Schedule, click here.




Girls' Basketball
Boys' Basketball
Indoor Track

Boys' Volleyball

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