Staff List

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Adam, Elizabeth - Special Education Teacher

Bausemer, Marta - School Nurse

Becker, Jeffrey  - Assistant Head of School

Bennett, Winston  - Community Field Coordinator, Middle School

Berry, Jennifer - Coordinator of Special Education Services (PT)

Betit, Krysta  - ELA Teacher, High School

Brea, Vanessa  - Guidance Counselor, Middle School

Castillo, Ivana  - ELA Teacher, High School

Chen, Emily - Math Teacher, Middle School

Chessia, Julie - Science Teacher. Middle School

Cotton, Kelly - School Psychologist

Dambreville, Derrick  - LFI Professional, Learning for Independence

Deceus, Soniel - Paraprofessional

Deckard, Ryne  - Director of Technology

Dehm, Olivia - Interventions/ESL

Dias, Kelsey - Humanities Teacher, High School

Donnelly, Chris  - Environmental Science Teacher, High School

Eberle, Alicia - ESL Teacher

Garvey, Justin  - SPED LFI Teacher, Learning for Independence

Gomez, Noel  - Instructional Paraprofessional, High School

Gonsalves, Brian  - Director, Student Support, Middle School

Graham, Cheryl - SPED Math Teacher, High School

Grunert, June - Coordinator of Special Education

Hall, Christine - Math Teacher, Middle School

Hansen, Amanda - Instructional Leader

Hawkes, Kelly - ELA Teacher, High School

Heney, Mary - SPED Social Worker

Hollman-Rodgers, Tra'Neal - Math Teacher, High School

Holzer, Matt - Head of School

Ibarra Carmona, Alexandra - ESL Teacher

Jacob, Raouf - Makerspace 

Jeter, Shantell - Physical Education Teacher

Johnston, Matthew - World Languages Teacher, High School

Kelton, Lauren - Social Worker, High School

Kennedy, Naeemah - Humanities Teacher, Middle School

Kunst, Andrea - Development Coordinator

Le, Laura - SPED Teacher, Middle School

Lefkowitz, Mia - ESL Teacher, High School

Limage, Lekisha -SPED Humanities and Science Teacher

Louis-Charles, Stephanie - SPED LFI Teacher, Learning for Independence

Loving, Reginald - Dean of Students

Mandelbaum, Lucia - Humanities Teacher, High School

McDaniels, Briea - Community Field Coordinator, Middle School

Murray, Audra - Humanities Teacher, Middle School

Nibberich, James - Math Teacher, High School

Nieves, Stephanie - Math Teacher, High School

Padget, Tiana - Paraprofessional

Patterson, Jermaine - Paraprofessional

Perez, Eric - Paraprofessional

Phifer, Erica - ELA Teacher, Middle School

Rameau, Daphnee - Humanities Teacher, High School

Rangel, Corina - ELA Teacher, High School

Rios, Jennifer - Head Staff Assistant

Rodgers, James - Instructional Paraprofessional, Middle School

Santiago, Janayra - World Languages Teacher, High School

Seaforth, Taron - Paraprofessional

Segrest, Chamberlain - Director of Sustainability and Innovation

Shakespear, Eileen - Associate for Teacher Development and Collaboration

Sims, Jacqueline  - Community Field Coordinator, High School

Smoak, Chandler - Science Teacher, High School

Squillace, Sam - Science Teacher, Middle school

Stone, Cheryl  - Instructional Paraprofessional

Stowers, Darnell - College,  Career, and Internship Coordinator

Then, Jodi -  Guidance Counselor, High School

Theoharidis, Jacqueline - Biology Teacher, High School

VanWagenen, Aimee  - ELA Teacher, High School

Velez, Ariel  - ELA Teacher, Middle School

Vorce, Jacob - Science Teacher, Middle School

Wilson, Erica  - Physics Teacher, High School

Woodberry, Dre - Coordinator of Enrollment and Outreach

Wu, Carol - Math Teacher, High School

Zahlaway, Ashley - Humanities Teacher, High School

Zeng, Jessica - Librarian