Staff List

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Adam, Elizabeth - Special Education Teacher

Bausemer, Marta - School Nurse

Becker, Jeffrey  - Assistant Head of School

Bennett, Winston  - Community Field Coordinator, Middle School

Berry, Jennifer - Coordinator of Special Education Services (PT)

Betit, Krysta  - ELA Teacher, High School

Brea, Vanessa  - Guidance Counselor, Middle School

Castillo, Ivana  - ELA Teacher, High School

Chen, Emily - Math Teacher, Middle School

Chessia, Julie - Science Teacher. Middle School

Cotton, Kelly - School Psychologist

Dambreville, Derrick  - LFI Professional, Learning for Independence

Deceus, Soniel - Paraprofessional

Deckard, Ryne  - Director of Technology

Dehm, Olivia - Interventions/ESL

Dias, Kelsey - Humanities Teacher, High School

Donnelly, Chris  - Environmental Science Teacher, High School

Eberle, Alicia - ESL Teacher

Garvey, Justin  - SPED LFI Teacher, Learning for Independence

Gomez, Noel  - Instructional Paraprofessional, High School

Gonsalves, Brian  - Director, Student Support, Middle School

Graham, Cheryl - SPED Math Teacher, High School

Grunert, June - Coordinator of Special Education

Hall, Christine - Math Teacher, Middle School

Hansen, Amanda - Instructional Leader

Hawkes, Kelly - ELA Teacher, High School

Heney, Mary - SPED Social Worker

Hollman-Rodgers, Tra'Neal - Math Teacher, High School

Holzer, Matt - Head of School

Ibarra Carmona, Alexandra - ESL Teacher

Jacob, Raouf - Makerspace 

Jeter, Shantell - Physical Education Teacher

Johnston, Matthew - World Languages Teacher, High School

Kelton, Lauren - Social Worker, High School

Kennedy, Naeemah - Humanities Teacher, Middle School

Kunst, Andrea - Development Coordinator

Le, Laura - SPED Teacher, Middle School

Lefkowitz, Mia - ESL Teacher, High School

Limage, Lekisha -SPED Humanities and Science Teacher

Louis-Charles, Stephanie - SPED LFI Teacher, Learning for Independence

Loving, Reginald - Dean of Students

Mandelbaum, Lucia - Humanities Teacher, High School

McDaniels, Briea - Community Field Coordinator, Middle School

Murray, Audra - Humanities Teacher, Middle School

Nibberich, James - Math Teacher, High School

Nieves, Stephanie - Math Teacher, High School

Padget, Tiana - Paraprofessional

Patterson, Jermaine - Paraprofessional

Perez, Eric - Paraprofessional

Phifer, Erica - ELA Teacher, Middle School

Rameau, Daphnee - Humanities Teacher, High School

Rangel, Corina - ELA Teacher, High School

Rios, Jennifer - Head Staff Assistant

Rodgers, James - Instructional Paraprofessional, Middle School

Santiago, Janayra - World Languages Teacher, High School

Seaforth, Taron - Paraprofessional

Segrest, Chamberlain - Director of Sustainability and Innovation

Shakespear, Eileen - Associate for Teacher Development and Collaboration

Sims, Jacqueline  - Community Field Coordinator, High School

Smoak, Chandler - Science Teacher, High School

Squillace, Sam - Science Teacher, Middle school

Stone, Cheryl  - Instructional Paraprofessional

Stowers, Darnell - College,  Career, and Internship Coordinator

Then, Jodi -  Guidance Counselor, High School

Theoharidis, Jacqueline - Biology Teacher, High School

VanWagenen, Aimee  - ELA Teacher, High School

Velez, Ariel  - ELA Teacher, Middle School

Vorce, Jacob - Science Teacher, Middle School

Wilson, Erica  - Physics Teacher, High School

Woodberry, Dre - Coordinator of Enrollment and Outreach

Wu, Carol - Math Teacher, High School

Zahlaway, Ashley - Humanities Teacher, High School

Zeng, Jessica - Librarian

Our Mission

Boston Green Academy welcomes diverse students of all abilities, educates and empowers them to succeed in college and career, and prepares them to lead in the sustainability of our community and world.

20 Warren Street
Brighton, MA 02135
617 635-9860 (phone)
617 635-9858 (fax)
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Boston Green Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or a foreign language, or prior academic achievement.

BGA's national Green Ribbon School award from the U.S. Dept. of Education for our whole-school green and sustainable practices.