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Special Education

BGA proudly enrolls Student with Disabilities across a wide spectrum of need. Most students are served in an inclusion setting with their general education peers, some students are served in smaller substantially separate classes based on their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) , and high school students with severe cognitive and/or physical handicaps are served in our Learning for Independence (LFI) program. For more information on our Special Education Services, please contact the BGA Main Office and ask to speak with the Special Education office.

The Learning for Independence Program (LFI) supports severely disabled students in a separate environment that is caring, supportive and designed to help student attain self-sufficiency. Students in the program have high severity Autism, cognitive impairments or physical handicaps. Students may stay in the LFI program until they reach their 22nd birthday and are served according to the IEP by a special staff of teachers and paraprofessionals. Details of the LFI program curriculum are here. If you are interested in learning more about the LFI program, we are happy to arrange visits or connect with you for more information. Please contact the BGA Main Office to arrange these opportunities.

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