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Our History

BGA History and VIsion

Boston Green Academy is a special place, a Horace Mann ‘in-district’ Charter School that is proudly part of the Boston Public Schools. Founded in 2011 by a committed group of Boston educators and community members, BGA is Boston’s only school focused on sustainability and preparing the next generation of diverse leaders for college and green careers.


Asked by the Boston Public Schools to turn around a struggling high school, BGA successfully ‘re-started’ Odyssey High School in South Boston and in three years became the most improved high school in the Boston Public Schools and one of the most improved state-wide. In 2014, BGA moved to the historic Taft Building in Brighton and began our expansion to include middle grades, starting with a 6th grade. In 2017, BGA achieved our goal of becoming a full school for grades 6-12 serving approximately 500 students from every neighborhood and background in Boston. BGA continues to be one of the most improved and innovative schools in the Boston Public Schools. 

BGA Opening Day 2011.jpg

In our original charter application and in our subsequent work over the year, BGA’s core beliefs and aspirations have come to guide our work:

  • High Expectations with High Support  Rigorous, relevant, college and career-preparatory teaching and learning are the center of our school for all students. We value intellectual curiosity and growth and provide curriculum, instruction, and opportunities that support it.

  • A Green School is Necessary Our world faces dire and complex challenges. To make our communities and world more sustainable, we strive to be a model green school that deliberately prepares our diverse and talented students to be leaders in the innovative green sector in Boston and beyond.

  • Fenway High School as Strong Foundation The Fenway High School model serves all students well, particularly diverse students. Fenway’s core ideas helped to build BGA’s foundation and continue to guide and influence our growth and development, even as we have developed our own identity and unique path forward.

  • Become a Model 6-12 School  To effectively serve the students of Boston, we support them as early as possible to increase their opportunities and outcomes. BGA works hard to be a model 6-12 school that helps students move upward from structured, developmentally appropriate middle school experiences towards gradual empowerment and independence in high school and beyond.

  • Diversity Matters  Our school is committed to serving and empowering a diverse population, including Students with Disabilities, English-Language Learners of all languages, and at-risk students. We recruit, enroll, retain and graduate a student population that represents the mosaic of the City of Boston and we support our young people’s right to cultural and individual expression.

  • Relationships Drive Engagement When our students trust our staff, we are able to serve them well. BGA is a welcoming place that supports the social-emotional development of our students. Through Advisory, Project Week, Restorative Justice, positive school culture and small classes, our students and staff develop strong bonds that strengthen our community.

  • Serve the Whole Student To serve students effectively, we are committed to being a trauma-sensitive school that provides social-emotional supports to all students, particularly those who struggle. We invest in a strong Student Support Team and resources for students and staff to help us serve our population effectively.

BGA has made tremendous progress since our founding in 2011, but we still have more work to do. Thanks to the committed work of our students, families, staff and partners, our school continues to grow and thrive. We invite you to learn more about our work and support our special school in any way you are able.

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