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MAP Growth Reading and Math Assessments

BGA students and students across Boston Public Schools recently took the MAP Growth Reading and Math Assessments, administered to grades 6th through 12th.  MAP Growth is a computer-based test that adapts to your student's responses in real-time to measure their skill level in the assessed subject. Students took this exam across Boston Public Schools in order to inform educators’ instructional plans to meet students’ needs best, as well as to help us identify students who may benefit from additional academic support.  The majority of our students showed seriousness of purpose during the test administrations.

As a result of taking the assessment, BGA students received what is called a “RIT score,” as well as a percentile. The RIT score is the overall score based on a Rasch unit (RIT) scale that indicates how your student performed in that subject. It is an estimation of your student's instructional level, and it can also be used to measure progress and growth over time.  The percentile describes how your student's score compares with other students at their grade level nationally who took the test; students can have percentiles that range from 1 to 99. 

We encourage you to review this report with your young person, reinforcing that regardless of their current score, students will continue to grow in their skills through a commitment to their BGA studies and by taking advantage of the support offered at school.

Individual scores were mailed by Boston Public Schools. Here's a few tips of actions you can take with your student:

  • Identify the skills and concepts your student has learned

  • Talk to your student's teacher or advisor about instructional needs

  • Monitor academic growth over time

Please remember: 

MAP is only one indication of how well your child is doing in mathematics and reading. You should also consider how well your child is doing on classwork, special projects, and the discussions you are having with your student's teacher.

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