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College and Career

Explore these links to find out more about the colleges BGA graduates attend; as well as resources for students, parents and guardians.

College and Career Team Mission and Vision Statement


The vision of the College and Career Team is to prepare students to be independent actors in their own lives, and to empower students to be engaged as leaders, community members and key players in their world, both presently and beyond.


The mission of the College and Career Team is to support students as they create and commit to personalized, realistic options for themselves beyond high school. Through targeted, intentional, timely lessons and regular, ongoing experiences that are meaningful, the College and Career Team exposes students to relevant opportunities that enhance their post-secondary exploration and decisions. 


Every student matters, every moment counts.

Your Goals.  Our Guidance.  Your Future

Our college and career staff guide students through the college application process, including college selection, entrance examinations, the nuts and bolts of applications, and financial aid. We work to create opportunities for our students in both Middle School and High School to engage in activities that encourage them to see that their academic success and their future options go hand in hand, culminating in intensive support with juniors and seniors. We enjoy the work of getting to know our students and identifying post-secondary opportunities that are a good match for their interests, talents, and passions.

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