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What does it mean to donate to a Boston Public School?  

The short answer is that it can mean everything--to students, to teachers, to families, and to the community.  Each year, when the City of Boston creates its budget, it allocates a lump sum to the Department of Education, which then allocates a dollar amount to each district, using a formula that builds in "weights" for schools with higher needs than others. One of those districts, Boston Public Schools, then distributes its allocation to the 57 schools in the district, including Boston Green Academy.

It is no secret that there is never enough funding to provide BPS students with the fully rounded compliment of supports and opportunities that more affluent districts seem to have. But here is where there is opportunity for you to make a difference.  BGA is a Horace Mann school which means, in addition to having autonomy over our hiring, curriculum development, and teaching and learning practices, we can also raise funds to supplement our budget allocation and provide more academic, social and emotional supports, enrichment and out-of-school opportunities. 

As long as our community is being affected by COVID-19, all unrestricted donations will be used to directly support our students and families, making sure that they have the resources that they need to  stay safe and well, or to help them get through the illness. Our students always come first and we are so grateful for your generous support.

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Checks made out to The BGA Foundation can be mailed to:

Boston Green Academy

20 Warren St

Brighton, MA 02135

The Boston Green Academy Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, was created for the sole purpose of supporting Boston Green Academy and all fundraising efforts.

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