Aspen and Jupiter Login

ASPEN is the school's official information system. You can track your student's attendance records, view progress reports and report cards, and see any conduct referrals. BGA uses this info to contact parents/guardians. Please check to see that all information is up to date. To learn how to access ASPEN, click the portal below.

Jupiter is BGA's online grade book. Teachers keep daily assignments and grades here. This system can also be used for digital/online assignments. To see your student's up to date grade, use this system. To access Jupiter, click the portal button below.


Students and parents may login anytime to check grades and homework. Everyone has their own password, so no one else can see their grades, and they need only one login to check all their classes. This includes grades on all assignments, report cards, attendance, individual comments, and messages. All data is updated continuously, so teachers do not need to do anything extra to post or upload grades. This is optional, so you may take some or all information offline.

Login ID's

Students and parents login using the Student ID#, or they can simply use the student's full name. (It recognizes either the legal name or preferred name, like Michael Smith or Mike Smith, but not last-name-first, like "Smith, Mike". If two students have the same name, it finds the one with the matching password.)


Random passwords are generated for each new student and parent/contact. The first time they login, they are prompted to choose their own password and enter their contact info. (Passwords are not reset each year, so they can continue using the same password.)