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LFI Curriculum

LFI stands for Learning For Independence and is designed to develop and support learning life skills for students with severe intellectual disabilities. Below is the curriculum that students in the program will participate in.

LFI Humanities 

In LFI Humanities, students read adapted versions of key texts from the regular education curriculum. They also learn about history and literature through varied media, multisensory experiences, video, community trips, and more. After learning about important events in history, students discuss how those events impact their lives today, and read about current events in Boston and around the world. Students have nightly homework focused on vocabulary building, and produce one major essay or project each month.


LFI Math Fundamentals

LFI Math Fundamentals is a course in students in the Learning For Independence program to work on building their math skills through practice and application. Students work to improve their functional math skills in the area of money skills, computation, number sense, and problem solving. Each student in the class works on growing their individual skills through daily practice.


LFI Science Fundamentals 

Learning For Independence Unified Science Fundamentals explores the human body and healthy daily living skills. The students explore the bone structure, digestion, cells, and Circulatory System in the human body. Students have materials adapted to their leaning style and work on building their individual skills.


LFI Food Science 

Preparing for postsecondary education and employment is critical for all young people. In Food Science, LFI students work to improve their independence. They plan a weekly meal, shop for ingredients, work safely to cook and prepare the meal, deliver it to paying teachers, and collect the profits! This course helps students learn to be safe in the community and to consider a budget when shopping. Students eat what they cook, reducing food selectivity. They also learn about healthy diet choices and experience interesting food from many cultures.


LFI Food Science 

LFI Food Science - Students have the opportunity to learn about nutrition, food groups, and have the opportunity to practice culinary skills. In food science students explore different food groups (fruit, dairy, meat.....), food types (protein, carbs,....) , and food sources (plant, animal). All students have opportunity to practice life skills and try a variety of different foods.


LFI Gym 

LFI Gym class allows the students the opportunity to exercise with peers. Students can participate in a variety of activities during the class period.

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