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Senior and Alumni Supports
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All BGA students have access to Naviance, a college and career readiness software program. Naviance is an important tool that students use in grades 9-12, with the most use occurring in their senior year as they submit college applications.  Students use Naviance in advisories and High School Development class for self-exploration, college and career exploration, and academic planning. They can monitor their academic progress, set goals, search for summer enrichment programs, and apply to college.  


To access Naviance, please click here.


Naviance is available to BGA graduates for up to seven years, and can still be used to apply to colleges even after graduation! It keeps track of recent BGA college applications, student statistics, and admissions decisions, as well as letters of recommendation.   


Please email us at with transcript requests or assistance with applying to or transferring from college.  

Alumni Activities

Thanksgiving Dinner and Alumni Panel

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