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Overview of Graduation Requirements

As a 6-12 school, Boston Green Academy has established a rigorous seven year program of study to prepare students for college and career. Below is a summary of how typical students progress academically over time.


Note: For ELL students, ESL may be substituted for ELA and/or Humanities as appropriate. For Special Education students, substantially separate sections may count for requirements in all cases.


Middle School Academic Program

A typical academic program for the BGA middle school includes the following courses:


6th Grade

Mathematics 6, Humanities 6 (History and Literature), Advisory, Unified science 6, English language arts 6, and Electives- physical education, urban ecology, art, library


7th Grade

MS Pre-algebra, Humanities 7 (History and Literature), Advisory, Unified science 7, English language arts 7 and Electives- physical education, urban ecology, art, library


8th Grade

MS Algebra, Humanities 8 (History and Literature), Advisory, Unified science 8, English language arts 8 and Electives- physical education, urban ecology, art, library


Students also engage in a yearly Project Week experiential learning program, an overnight green programs field trip for each grade level (with Thompson Island Outward Bound or the Appalachian Mountain Club), and numerous field trip and community service activities throughout the year.


Middle School Promotion Requirements

BGA offers numerous supports to help students progress academically so that they can meet our standards for promotion which are listed below:


Rising 7th Graders

Must meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  1. Passed Hum 6 or ELA 6

  2. Passed Math 6

  3. Passed science


Rising 8th Graders

Must meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  1. Passed Hum 7 or ELA 7

  2. Passed Math 7

  3. Passed science

High School Graduation Requirements

Boston Green Academy’s rigorous graduation requirements exceed those of the Boston Public Schools, and meet all requirements of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In addition to providing a rigorous core curriculum, BGA requires students to engage in meaningful community service, obtain and participate in senior internships, and take part in the school’s annual project-based project week. Full graduation requirements include:


  • 4 Humanities courses  

  • 4 years of ELA

  • 4 math classes (including Algebra II)

  • 4 lab science courses

  • 2 world languages courses

  • 1 arts course (or equivalent)

  • 1 physical education course (or equivalent)

  • a position paper in senior year

  • a 6-week internship in senior year

  • 40 hours of Community Service  

  • a Competency Determination (CD) in MCAS ELA, math, and science


BGA also puts a focus on Experiential Learning, and continues to build opportunities in this area for all students. The CTE program provides another pathway for our students, as does our new and intensified partnership with Thompson Island Outward Bound. Experiential options include:


Senior Internship

All seniors participate in a six-week unpaid, for-credit internship. A requirement for graduation, the internship program is designed to help prepare our students for life after high school by providing them with hands-on work experience in a variety of sustainable industries.  


Project Week

During the second week of April every year, all of our students participate in a week-long experiential learning program. Students leave the building and engage in a variety of activities, such as college tours, community service projects, global travel, and outdoor exploration. Project week gives our students meaningful exposure to a variety of college and career opportunities, while building executive functioning skills and habits of success.

Academic Program

Boston Green Academy has a longer school day (7 hours) than many other Boston Public Schools. At present, high school students at Boston Green Academy typically take the following core courses:


9th Grade

Humanities 9 (U.S. History 1 and American Literature), Foundations of Literacy 9 (College English 9), Algebra I, Biology, Spanish 1 and Advisory


10th Grade

Humanities 10 (U.S. History 2 and American Literature), Foundations of Literacy 10 (College English 10), Geometry, Environmental Science, Spanish 2 and Advisory


11th Grade

Humanities 11 (World History and Literature), College English 11, Advanced Algebra, Chemistry, Electives, Advisory, and Junior Seminar


12th Grade

Humanities 12 (World History and Literature), College English 12, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Physics, Electives, and Senior Seminar

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