Frequently Asked Questions about Boston Green Academy Admissions

What time does School start?
Our school hours are 8am-­3pm every day except for Wednesdays, when all students are dismissed at 12pm. Classes begin promptly at 8am

How early can my student arrive and be granted access to the building?
School buses arrive at BGA by 7:15am. Students are welcomed to participate in the free “early bird” program at that time, to receive breakfast and supervision. All students in early bird program MUST stay in the cafeteria until classes start.

How can I keep track of my child’s grades/progress in class?
When school starts in September you will have access to our JUPITER program where you can log on and see how their grades are progressing.

How can I arrange a meeting with my child’s teacher(s) if I have a concern?
Every student will be assigned an advisor and he/she will help you arrange meetings with teachers.

Are uniforms mandatory school wide?

All Middle School students are required to wear a uniform each day. Our uniform policy helps build a cohesive, unified team and aims to reduce the stress on the student and family when deciding what outfit is appropriate for school. We will have occasional dress down days on which students may express themselves freely and appropriately. Please refer to the BGA Student and Family Handbook for more detail.

Where are the High School students?
BGA is a full 6-­12 school. Our high school and middle school students enter the building together at the front door but take classes on separate sides of the building. They also have separate assembly dates and class bell schedules.

Is there recess?
Yes! All middle school students receive weekly recess/movement opportunities. In bad weather there is indoor recess.

What kind of MCAS supports does BGA offer?
We are delighted to be partnering with West End House, a neighboring organization that provides homework support, among other forms of important academic and social supports.

Will BGA students have access to after school programming?
Yes! BGA partners with the West End Boys and Girls club in Brighton, a short walk from school. At a very low yearly cost, your student will receive dinner, homework help and choice of fun activities to do. You can contact them at 617-­787-­4044 for more information.

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Contact Amanda Reveles, Director of Enrollment and Student Activities at (857) 891-1742 or email at