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Student Supports

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School Culture

Health and Wellness:

Student Development: LOOK FOR IT.

At Boston Green Academy, we believe strongly in serving the social, emotional and physical well being of all students, in addition to their academic needs. We invest in a talented and robust Student Support Team so that our students can be served well both inside and outside our school with compassion, empathy, responsibility and integrity.


The Boston Green Academy Student Support Team (SST) aims to provide an umbrella of support services to the school community, especially the social, emotional and physical well being of our students, parents and staff. The three divisions of Student Support Services are:


Health and Wellness (Brian Gonsalves, Director of Student Support Services and Team Leader): provides clinical and mental health counseling to students, crisis interventions, group counseling.  


Student Development (Jodi Then, Team Leader): provides support for students and families that encourage academic, social/emotional and career success.  


School Culture (Reginald Loving, Team Leader): incorporates Restorative Justice approaches and other Social Emotional Learning models to encourage a positive school culture and discipline.  


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