Mary Heney, SPED Social Worker

Ms. Heney is the Social Worker for students in all grade levels who receive special education services at BGA.  Ms. Heney has been at BGA since September of 2014 and loves working with BGA staff, students and partners. Prior to BGA, Ms. Heney worked at COMPASS for many years, as Clinical Coordinator for the Middle and High School programs at the COMPASS school in JP and most recently as the Director of the COMPASS Intensive Support Program at The English High School in JP.  Ms. Heney also ran a summer program at the Counseling and Intervention Center for students attending various BPS middle schools for several summers. Ms. Heney also worked part time as a crisis clinician for Riverside Community Care for 4 years. Ms. Heney graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in psychology and then moved to Oregon, where she later attended the University of Oregon, receiving her Master’s degree in counseling psychology.  When not working, Ms. Heney enjoys watching movies, listening to music,  reading, taking zumba and yoga classes, watching her son play lacrosse and spending time with family, friends and her beloved dog. email


Boston Green Academy da la bienvenida a estudiantes diversos de todas las capacidades, los educa y los capacita para que tengan éxito en la universidad y la carrera, y los prepara para liderar la sostenibilidad de nuestra comunidad y el mundo.


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Boston Green Academy no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad, sexo, identidad de género, etnia, orientación sexual, discapacidad mental, edad, ascendencia, rendimiento deportivo, necesidad especial, dominio del idioma inglés o extranjero. Idioma, o logro académico previo.

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