Student Support Team

Boston Green Academy is committed to supporting the social-emotional needs of our students so that they can live healthy and productive lives and be better prepared to successfully meet their academic goals.  BGA’s commitment to serve students in the area of personal development will be the focus of the Student Support Team (SST).  Employing approaches that weave prevention, intervention, and recuperation, BGA’s SST will be responsible for creating the trauma-informed culture we seek and for advising the Headmaster regarding all issues of student well-being, including the resources needed to support students and staff in coping with students’ out-of-school lives and planning for life after Boston Green Academy.

The mission of BGA’s Student Support Team is to support the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each student so that he/she can be successful academically; to support the parents and caregivers with the resources for their children both in and outside of school so that they can be successful in school and lead healthy, well-informed lives; and to support teachers and BGA staff with a safe and secure climate that fosters learning and positive behaviors.

Student Support Team Staff

The Student Support Team staff consists of three Community Coordinators,  a Dean of Students, our School Nurse (shared with Excel High School), a Director of College and Career Counseling, two Clinical Social Workers (one of whom is also the Director of Student Support Services), and three graduate school counseling interns.  The Community Coordinators are responsible for supporting safety and positive school culture.  They help manage the transitions before, during, and at the end of the school day.  They provide crisis intervention, mediations, brief counseling, and support to teaching staff when social-emotional challenges arise. The Nurse provides for all medical needs and screenings for medical referrals.  The Clinical Social Workers and interns provide the assessment, referral and counseling services for the student body.  They are responsible for the behavioral and support plans for those students in need. They provide consultation services to teachers and staff as well as professional development.  The Dean of Students is responsible for managing the overall climate of the school and the school discipline systems. The Dean also provides services to students to prevent violations of the school Code of Conduct.  The Director of College and Career Counseling is responsible for all post-high school planning and supports for students.

Partnerships and Advisory

BGA is committed to meeting the social-emotional needs of students by offering resources through Advisory, targeted Support and Enrichment groups, and outside resources from our community partners.  Currently BGA is partnering with the following local agencies:  South Boston Collaborative and Boston Medical Center, South Boston Neighborhood House, Laboure Center, and the South Boston Community Health Center.  We continue to look to expand our partners and support services for our students.

Case Management

To best serve students’ social-emotional needs, teachers, Student Support staff, and other school members will meet weekly to plan supports to help those students most in need.  These case management meetings will be one of the cornerstones of the school’s support services.  Social-emotional curriculum will also be discussed and coordinated in the future with the support of the academic teams.

BGA understands that the social-emotional supports for students are ongoing and ever-evolving.   Services to students with trauma and other mental health challenges will evolve as the social challenges change in the city of Boston and our society as a whole.  BGA will work closely with the BPS, social services, and community partners to serve our students and provide psycho-educational services so that our students can sustain themselves, their families, and their communities in our ever-changing world.