Green @ BGA

Green Vision:
A student-driven, project-based school that inspires all students to seek a sustainable future and challenges them to create a diverse 21st century green economy.

Below you will find just a sampling of the many green initiatives that occur each day at BGA.


We construct all of our courses through a lens of sustainability.  Our curriculum challenges our students to grapple with important environmental, social and economic issues while empowering them to create change in their own lives and beyond.

Highlights Include:

  • Green Career Pathways: Whether a student’s immediate post-secondary trajectory is career, college or a mix of both, BGA’s Green Career Pathways model ensures that all students, including special populations, are fully prepared to succeed in the 21st century economy. In order for all students at Boston Green Academy to have viable and individualized post-secondary plans, each student will be exposed to multiple career fields as soon as they enter the 6th grade. Their plans will progress to, and culminate with, an appropriate 6-week internship in their senior year.
  • Interdisciplinary Projects:
    • 9th Grade: Healthy Trees, Healthy Boston — Cross-curricular unit focusing on green space in Boston
    • 10th Grade: Environmental Justice — Cross-curricular unit focusing on air quality and food justice in Boston
    • 11th Grade: Research paper and thesis defense on social responsibility
    • 12th Grade: Capstone Community Action Project and Sustainability Internships
  • Project Week: The second week of April is unlike any other week at Boston Green Academy. Students won’t be sitting at their desks or rotating between classes. In fact, they won’t be in the school building at all. Instead they’ll be off campus – hiking, biking, cooking, meditating, teaching, dancing, sailing, painting, protecting, exploring, discovering and engaging – with the Greater Boston community and beyond.

our campus
The Campus

It is our dream to pilot the first green school building in the Boston Public School system, and we plan to involve our students in the design and building process every step of the way.

Highlights include:

  • LEED EBOM Certification: We are working with the City of Boston and Boston Public Schools to become the first LEED EBOM certified municipal building in Boston. LEED EBOM stands for LEED certification for existing building. Boston is an old city with a large stock of historical infrastructure and our experience will be a model for future green renovations in the city. We are currently putting together a team of experts to help us achieve this goal. If you are interested in being a part of the LEED EBOM team, please contact our Director of Green Programming at: or at (617) 635-9860 x112
  • Green Roof Project: Read our Green to the Top Proposal
  • Building Dashboard — coming soon!

health & wellness

Health and Wellness
While our students are exploring ways to make our planet more socially and environmentally sustainable, we want to make sure they are also learning how to sustain themselves.

Highlights include:

  • FoodCorps at BGA: Boston Green Academy was awarded a FoodCorps member for the 2014-15 school year! FoodCorps teaches hands-on lessons about food and nutrition; builds and tends school gardens and teaches cooking lessons so students can taste the fresh food they’ve grown; and works to give all students access to healthy food from local farms. If you are interested in helping our students eat healthy and local food, please contact: Harry Meltzer at
  • Raised Garden Beds: Thanks to Boston Cares and Clough Capital Partners, we have raised garden beds outside our new building! Photos can be found at
  • Physical Activities: Bicycles, running club, yoga, meditation, traditional sports, gym every day for 6th graders