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Updated- February 28, 2018 The BGA lottery was held on Weds., February 28, 2018 at Boston Green Academy in accordance with BGA’s enrollment policy and DESE regulations. BGA has submitted lottery results to Boston Public Schools, who will send letters to all families of accepted students on March 14, 2018 via USPS to the address on the application. Families who wish to commit to BGA and accept their offer must return their commitment letter by March 28, 2018 to secure their seat. Committing to BGA will withdraw your application from all other Boston Public Schools and you will be assigned to BGA for next year. There will be an open house for admitted students and families on Weds., March 21 at BGA from 6-7pm for families with questions or who wish to learn more about our school. We want to welcome you to BGA and answer all your questions as you make your decisions. After March 28 we will begin calling families on the waitlist for each grade level (6-11). Families offered a seat but who have not yet responded by March 28 may lose their seats. Please return your commitment letter as soon as possible to guarantee your seat! If you have any questions, please contact BGA’s Enrollment Coordinator at 857-891-1742 or We look forward to hearing from you!

BGA Application 18-19 (English)
BGA Enrollment Letter 2018-19

Applications are now available in other languages!
French 2018-2019 BGA Application
Haitian 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (TT)
Portuguese 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (TM) (1)
Somali 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (1)
Vietnamese 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (TH)
Arabic 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (HA) (1)
Capeverdean 2018 -2019 BGA Application 18-19 (TM) (1)
Chinese 2018-2019 BGA Application 18-19 (LY) (1)
Spanish – BGA Application 18-19 (NDLR) (2)

Enrollment eligibility is met if:

  • the student is a resident of Boston, and
  • the student has successfully completed (or is expected to successfully complete) the grade preceding the grade to which he/she seeks admission.

The charter school law, M.G.L. c.79, s. 81, provides a sibling preference provision that gives siblings of enrolled students preference over non-siblings in enrollment. A full description of our enrollment policy is available at the school and is on file at the Charter School Office of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Contact Dre Woodberry at or 857-891-1742.