MCAS 2016: BGA is the Most Improved High School in the Boston Public Schools and one of the Most Improved in Massachusetts

After five years, BGA’s students have made incredible strides. Here is a snapshot of our 2016 MCAS Results:

10th Grade English Language Arts MCAS
  • Most Improved– BGA is the most improved high school in Massachusetts (#1 out of 276) and Boston Public Schools (#1 of 33)
  • Achievement- Improved 25% points on Advanced/Proficient to 85% and 11.2 points on Composite Performance Index (CPI) to 95.3. Passing rate was 96%.
  • Growth– Increased Student Growth Percentile (SGP) by 33 points to 60 (improvement ranked #4 of 276 high schools statewide)
  • Students– Students with Disabilities, Low-Income, High Needs and English Language Learners all outperformed their peers in the Boston Public Schools
Combined 10th Grade ELA and Math MCAS
  • Most Improved– Most improved high school in the Boston Public Schools (#1 of 33) and second most in Massachusetts (#2 of 276). Improved 16.2 points to 170 on the combined Math + ELA CPI.
Math and Science MCAS
  • Achievement– Since 2011, Math has improved by 11% and Science has improved by 15% in Advanced/Proficient. Overall passing rates are improved as well.
Dropout Rate
  • Lowered the annual dropout rate from 12% in 2010-­‐11 (Odyssey) to 1.4% in 2011‐12. We anticipate the rate will be similar for 2012­‐2013. This is the largest decrease in the BPS.
Turnaround Targets
  • Met its Three-­Year Turnaround School Targets in Two Years. While BGA did not receive a Turnaround Grant from DESE, we have still met our targets early and will greatly exceed them by the end of the three­‐year period.
School Culture
  • Greatly Improved School Culture by Reducing Suspensions, Expulsions and Major Incidents. Compared to Odyssey, BGA has lowered suspensions and expulsions by 60% and school culture is greatly improved.