July 2007: A group of committed educators, Boston parents, Boston Public School (BPS) alumni, and partner organizations comes together to propose a new, innovative school within the Boston Public Schools. Together they share a commitment to create a great school for students and families in Boston who need it most, and to use the practices of the highly successful Fenway High School as a model.

November 2010: After three years of planning, Superintendent Carol Johnson and the Boston School Committee announce their strong support for Boston Green Academy’s (BGA) application to become a new BPS school.

February 2011: The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) announces its approval of BGA as an in-district Horace Mann Charter School in the Boston Public Schools.

August 2011: Under the leadership of Headmaster Jeffrey Liberty, BGA opens its doors for Summer Academy in the South Boston Education Complex, the building once home to the closed-down Odyssey High School.

September 2011: BGA inherits students in grades 10-12 from across the BPS, 80% of whom attended Odyssey High School, and enrolls a new 9th grade.

June 2012: BGA honors 59 its first graduating class.

June 2013: BGA honors 63 students in its second graduating class in June; final number of 2013 graduates not yet available.

July 2013: Jeffrey Liberty steps down as Headmaster, welcoming Matt Holzer (former Assistant Headmaster) and Natalie Jaeger (former Director of Special Education) as new Co-Headmasters for the 2013-2014 school year.

September 2014: BGA opens 6th grade.

September 2015: BGA opens 7th grade.

September 2016: BGA opens 8th grade, becoming a full 6-12 school.